My Voice Communications

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Founded By Annie Rogers

The Issue

Over 1.2 million Australians and 7.5 million Americans are non-verbal. They communicate through technology, generally situated in front of them and due to the fact that their voice is projected from their computer, they don't receive eye-contact when they 'speak'. This often results in a lack of eye-contact received which can create a feeling of disrespect and loss of human interaction.

Who It Impacts

There are countless reasons that people may be non-verbal. It could be personal preference or medical reasons. People impacted may be those with:

  • Alzheimers 

    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis





  • Autism 

    Cerebral Palsy 


    Huntington’s Disease

    Laryngeal Cancer 

    Motor Neurone Disease

  • Oral Cancer 

    Parkinson’s Disease 

    Selective Mutism 


    and many more

Our Solution

My Voice Communications aims to provide inclusion to non-verbal people and restore eye contact through our product, the My Voice; Bluetooth Speaker Necklace.

My Voice; Bluetooth Speaker Necklace is a small, lightweight, rechargeable, Bluetooth speaker on a customisable necklace with an interchangeable pendant on the front disguising it as jewellery.

It projects the users voice from their chest rather than from their communication devices in front of them to regain respect and confidence.

With this necklace, not only the 1.2 million non-verbal Australians and 7.5 million non-verbal Americans will have an improved quality of life, obtaining the eye-contact they truly deserve but even more people globally.

Current Prototype

What Are We Up To?

Currently, we are in the prototyping phase, trying to connect with people who can assist in engineering a smaller, lightweight, rechargeable, Bluetooth speaker and designers for the interchangeability function of the pendants on the front. If you (or someone you know) may be able to help us or is non-verbal and willing to help us BETA test, please fill out the form below labelled 'Contact Us'. If you have any questions, please let us know.

About Me

Hi, I am Annie Rogers, Founder and Creator of My Voice Communications.

I have always had a passion for equality and inclusion. After witnessing my non-verbal friend not receive any eye-contact, I decided to do something about this invisibility.

In 2020, I started my journey of creating My Voice. I went through the steps of ideation, creation, prototyping, testing and pitching my MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and have recently received a $1,000 grant from Blackbird VC's Protostars.

My Voice has opened up countless opportunities for me to present such as judging a pitch event at LORDS High School, presenting to ASLA (Australian School Librarian Association) and getting featured in their journal, presenting to teachers at the Adolescent Success Conference and much more.

Last year I was awarded 'Young Entrepreneur Of The Year' from the Next Gen Awards and 'One To Watch' for 'Most Impactful Entrepreneur Of The Year' from the Young Change Agents.

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